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It's a fact, cows eat 3-5 hours per day and can consume 9-14 meals per day. A typical 1,400 pound dairy cow produces around 100 to 112 pounds of manure per day, and manure management can cost a Dairy Farmer $150 per cow per year on average. So, a farm with 2000 cows is probably spending about $300,000 on their manure management alone..


Animal waste includes a number of potentially harmful pollutants and too much manure can cause health, odor and water quality problems if not properly dealt with. If you live on a small farm, manure is not a big deal, but if you are a large scale agricultural enterprise, manure is a HUGE problem and it must be treated, handled, stored and/or hauled away.


MooFiber has created and tested a patent pending process that we believe will revolutionize the Manure Management Industry. We have designed a proprietary system to recycle manure and create an alternative bedding material for dairy cows. By removing the water, compressing the solids and sterilizing the fiber to create the final product, we call “MooFiber”.
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