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MooFIBER: Premium Fertilizers and Growing Soils


“To be a successful farmer one must first know the nature of the soil.” — Xenophon, Oeconomicus, 400 B.C.

MooFIBER premium fertilizers and growing soils are engineered in small batches to maximize yields and produce the highest quality plants. Our premium growing soils come from dairy cow manure that’s been wash and recycled – creating a growing medium like nothing else on the market today. By partnering with these dairy farmers we provide the farms with a sustainable bedding solution, and their cows provide us with an organic growing medium that’s like no other.

Before you can get a great crop from your garden, you need to have the right environment for your plants and nothing is as important as the soil and it’s available nutrients. MooFIBER combined with our proprietary nutrient formulations produce rapid growth and maximum yields for every plant. Our growing soils are specifically designed and expertly blended for the type of plants you want to grow. Made from the finest quality natural, organic ingredients and nutrients, our products will ensure a big grow that you can feel good about.