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MooFIBER: Alternative Bedding Material for Dairy Farms

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MooFIBER is a sustainable-alternative bedding system for dairy cows. Instead of buying sand or straw, dairy farmers can now begin to source their own bedding material. Our team has designed a proprietary system for extracting fibrous material from slurry. By washing the manure, removing the water and compressing the solids you end up with a continuous supply of fibrous bedding material – MooFIBER.

“Dried Manure Solids are of interest to dairy producers for several reasons. Sawdust, a historic bedding of choice, has been hard to come by for the past several years and can be expensive. Other options include low-quality hay, straw and sand, but each has added cost. Manure, on the other hand, is never short supply and has to be managed in some way.” – Mary Schwarz, Cornell Waste Management

Cows lying on their own manure may sound gross, but we think cows prefer MooFIBER over traditional bedding materials. MooFIBER provides a soft, resilient bed for cows and doesn’t stick to the animals like some material. Users also report that cows lie for longer periods and that they are seeing a drop in cell counts and no issues with mastitis.

About us: Tony, Mark & Chuck


The team at MooFIBER practically grew up with dirt under our fingernails. We are passionate about innovation, sustainability and finding ways to make the World a little bit better. We created a revolutionary process for washing and recycling cow manure. MooFIBER plays a role in both the agriculture and horticulture industries. It’s not only a green-alternative bedding material for dairy cows, but also a sustainable, ultra-premium growing medium for farmers and organic gardeners around the World.

Our natural Premium Fertilizers and Growing Soils are hand crafted in small batches and designed to maximize your garden’s potential and yield. We offer a range of specialized gardening products made from only dairy cows and Mother Nature.